Wyvern Dragonscale Bag

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Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on our Wyvern Dragonscale Bag. It is sewn not laced for the highest strength and durability. The unique pattern and color of the leather will help you stand out from the crowd. Perfect for both fantasy and historical cosplayers. 

Our Limited Edition Wyvern Dragonscale Bag is sure to please both fantasy and renaissance/medieval cosplayers alike! Made of authentic dragon skin (yes we believe this stuff!) and secured with a dragon's tooth**. The bag flap is lined with black Italian leather. The leather tassels are decorated with silver fillagree toggles. 

The pouch measures approx. 7.5"x5"x1.8". The generous size will fit all you need for a festival or fair, without feeling too bulky. The belt loop will easily accommodate belts up to 2.5" wide. 

**Dragons Tooth may actually be sustainably sourced antler, but we can neither confirm nor deny this. 

As will all of our Special Buy items, when they are gone, they're gone. Each item is handmade, and generally, there are less than 10 ever made. Each item will be unique.

Reminder: Each item we make is handmade out of a natural material, leather. Both the material and the crafter are unique and subject to minor variations! Please know that we make every effort to provide accurate and detailed photos, but there may be subtle color differences that vary by hide and by the color accuracy of your screen. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.