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2” Wide Celtic Knot Leather Ring Belt

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Free Domestic Shipping! Crafted by Hand, Leather Medieval/Renaissance Ring Belt. 2” Wide High-Quality Celtic Knot Embossed Design. Durable and dependable. 

Check out this unique 2” wide Celtic embossing pattern- it is sure to please! After embossing, ensure the product is ‘finished’ by dying both sides, sealing the leather top and bottom, and burnishing the edges to a rounded smooth finish.  Colors available in this line are Black, Brown, Green, Mahogany, and Red. This broad belt is 2” wide, and available in 60”, 72”, and 84” lengths. This belt goes great with most any of our packages!


IMPORTANT NOTE! Our ring belts are the actual measurement listed, they do not relate to modern pants sizes or modern sizing methods. They are simply the length specified. Please measure your waist where you want the belt to sit WHILE WEARING your costume. We recommend using a cloth tailors tape for the most accurate measurement. To size, take waist measurement and add 10” average to tie the knot. The remainder will be the hanging length.


For example:

72” ring belt. Waist size over costume 36”. Add 10” for knot. Hanging length will be approximately 26”. (72”-36”-10”=26”)


Reminder: Each item we make is handmade out of a natural material, leather. Both the material and the crafter are unique and subject to minor variations! Please know that we make every effort to provide accurate and detailed photos, but there may be subtle color differences that vary by hide and by the color accuracy of your screen. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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