Celtic Weave Concho Mug Strap

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Free US Shipping! Crafted by Hand, Medieval/Renaissance Leather Mug Hanger. A Durable, High-Quality, Hand-Dyed, Real Leather Mug Strap Featuring an Antique Brass Celtic Weave Concho and Swing Clasp Closure.

A flagon of ale should never be far from your lips, so neither should your mug. Check out our high-quality leather Antique Brass Celtic Weave Concho Mug Strap! Choose from our hand-dyed colors of Black, Brown, Green, or Mahogany. Unlike those low-quality snap close versions, our mug strap features a quality Antique Brass Swing Clasp which won’t pop open unexpectedly and send your mug crashing to the ground! The mug strap fits over 3” belt widths, so it is a perfect addition for any medieval/renaissance attire. Add it to any of our bracers, pouches, and belts to make sure your whistle stays wet at the event!

Reminder: Each item we make is handmade out of a natural material, leather. Both the material and the crafter are unique and subject to minor variations! Please know that we make every effort to provide accurate and detailed photos, but there may be subtle color differences that vary by hide and by the color accuracy of your screen. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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