Countess’s Celtic Heart Mug Strap

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Free Domestic Shipping! Handcrafted Medieval/Renaissance Black or Red Leather Mug Hanger. A Durable, High-Quality, Hand-Dyed, Real Leather Mug Strap Featuring a Silver Celtic Heart Concho and Swing Clasp Closure.

The Countess needs her mug near to hand, just as she keeps her friends! This high-quality leather, dyed and sealed in a deep lasting Black or Red option, is embellished with a Heart Shaped Celtic Concho. Unlike a low-quality snap close version, our mug strap features a quality Silver Swing Clasp which won’t pop open unexpectedly and send your mug crashing to the ground! The mug strap fits over 3” belt widths, so it is a perfect addition for any medieval/renaissance attire. This mug strap was designed with the Countess’s Complete Package in mind, don’t miss out on the exceptionally crafted set!

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