Dark Knight’s Sunburst Leather Bracers

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Free USA Shipping! Handcrafted Black and Red or Green Leather Medieval/Renaissance Bracers. Featuring two durable leather layers, antique silver spots and an embossed Celtic cross.

As a knight, you know the most important part of your life is your armor. The Black Knight bracers protect with two layers of stitched, durable, high-quality leather. But, every good knight knows that it isn’t only about the protection, you have to strike fear into your foes before their sword can even reach you. These bracers feature a stunning red sunburst leather layer with antique silver spots atop a deep black with sturdy stitching between, and the impressive Celtic cross embossed feature will be the last thing they remember as they escape your swords edge. Opt for our Green Knight’s Bracer’s with in a sunburst green pattern, if you prefer! Either way, get the whole look with our Black Knight’s Package, or mix and match the Green Knight’s Bracers with our Elven and Ranger’s packages as well.

Bracer sizing/Fit:  The Black Knight’s Bracers are available in large.

Large Bracers are a full 8.5” tall and 9.5” wide. They will fit 9”+ at the forearm and 7”+ at the wrist.  All of our bracers fit more comfortably because of our unique tapered wrist cutouts. You will FEEL the difference! Perfect for all day wear.

Reminder: Each item we make is handmade out of a natural material, leather. Both the material and the crafter are unique and subject to minor variations! Please know that we make every effort to provide accurate and detailed photos, but there may be subtle color differences that vary by hide and by the color accuracy of your screen. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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