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      About Skapa Leather

      We create durable leather goods, including belts, pouches, armor, and accessories, perfect for a day of play in costume! Our goal is to provide high quality goods that will be visually pleasing, properly constructed, and affordably priced.

      All of our products are handmade in West Virginia, with only the finest materials and processes available. We pay all of our workers a ‘living wage’. Check out our video HERE about what sets us apart. You will be hard pressed to find better finishing techniques including; conditioning, sealing, and edge dyeing, for our fair cost of goods. These techniques make for a longer lasting product that will retain its shape and color long after store bought or imported products fade, fray or break. You will see, feel and smell the difference!

      For Skapa Leather, customer satisfaction is paramount. We will do all that we can do to ensure our customers are happy, because we know no amount of advertising is equal to a happy customer’s recommendation.


      SO HERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE, our products are a significantly better value than anything else one might find from other small artists, online retailers, or distributors who import their product in bulk.

      We mix a passion for attention to detail with modern processes. This allow us to create high quality goods which we want to make more accessible to ALL who wish to find joy, passion, and acceptance in costume.

      “The Difference is in the Details!”