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      Custom Orders:

      We are frequently asked to do custom orders. While we are happy to accommodate many requests, we wanted to take the time to explain the process and pricing. We are able to provide exceptionally high quality products at very reasonable prices because we work in batches. This allows us to automate/streamline our efficiency for certain tasks, which means less time per project. This equates to lower labor costs, and therefore lower retail pricing.

      When we do custom orders, we have to disrupt this flow to specialize a product just for you. We are happy to do so because we love happy customers, but, this impact in our time will mean modifications to item cost. We have divided custom orders into 3 levels, as described below. This allows us to offer fair and consistent pricing, and hopefully gives you a better idea of the type of work required to produce your dream item!

      Types of modifications:

      Different color

      Different material

      Add small decorations

      Change embossing

      Hand tooling different pattern

      Special sizing for bracers

      Special sizing for belts

      Modification of design

      Made from scratch design



      Custom Order Level 1:

      20-30+% markup over retail cost, depending on work required and cost of additional materials. 2 week turnaround time.

      Generally these are special orders that have 1-2 simple modifications as listed above. These will typically take a standard design or template we already use, and make a small change or two.


      Dark Knight's bracers in a custom purple sunburst color pattern.

      Yeoman's pouch with different conchos.

      Ranger's bracers with decorative spots added, and made to fit a larger arm.

      Knight’s Templar Belt made with black spots and a LG/XL size.


      Custom Order Level 2:

      50-70+% markup over retail cost, depending on work required and cost of additional materials 2-3 week turnaround time. Level 2 special orders are more complex, and usually require 2-4 modifications. These will generally involve stopping our current production, and creating the item from start to finish separately from our usual work.


      Noble's bracers with a unique hand-tooled design, dyed blue.

      2" Deluxe Buckle Wrap Belt in sunburst red, XL/XXL size, with antique silver spots added the length of the belt.


      Custom Order Level 3:

      100-400% markup over retail cost. These are fully custom items. They may be based on, or similar to a pattern or design we make now, but they will need significant modification or from scratch design. These items will require pictures, drawings, and paper templates to complete. Significant time will be spent in research and design. Materials may need to be special ordered.

      We are willing to discuss these types of orders with customers, but please keep in mind that they will generally take 4 weeks to complete. We require a non-refundable 50% deposit, after terms and design have been finalized, before beginning full R&D. These are premium products that we are sure you will be pleased with, but we hope you understand that due to the labor and time required, they also come at a premium price.


      All of the above is subject to change, and the examples are just that- examples. Any custom work will be discussed and mutually agreed upon before starting. Quotes are at the discretion of the artist. Timelines/availability are at the mercy of our current workload, however, barring any major unforeseen incident, we will fulfill orders within the specific promised time frame, provided in our discussions with you.

      We look forward to working with you, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or requests you might have at